200AH 51.2V Rack-mounted Energy Storage

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Nominal voltage 25.6VDC 51.2VDC
Voltage range 21.6~28.8VDC 43.2~57.6VDC
Nominal capacity 100Ah 100Ah 200Ah 280Ah
Rated Capacity 2.56kwh 5.12kwh 10.24kwh 14.33kwh
Communication protocol CAN/RS485/WIFI/4G/Bluetooth
Charge and discharge efficiency (0.5C) 98%
Cell self-discharge <5%/Month
Maximum supported number of parallel connections 15PCS(38.4kwh) 15PCS(76.8kwh) 15PCS(153.6kwh) 15PCS(215kwh)
Discharge of depth 90%
Service life 8~10Years
cycle life 6000( @80% DoD )
Protection mechanism High temperature protection, Overcurrent protection, Short circuit protection, Overcharge protection, Overdischarge protection, Low voltage protection
Charge and discharge parameters
Recommended charging current 50A 50A 50A 100A
Maximum charging current 100A 100A 100A 200A
Recommended charging voltage 28.8V 57.6V 57.6V 57.6V
Recommended discharge current 50A 50A 50A 100A
Maximum discharge current 100A 100A 100A 200A
Battery cut-off voltage 21.6V 43.2V
Common parameters
Dimensions 484×330×165mm 484×425×176.5mm 520×773×164.5mm 484×750×240mm
Weight 24.5kg 38.5kg 70.5kg 95kg
Terminal type M6 M8
Shell material Sheet metal
Protection level IP20
Installation method Rack-mounted
Cell type LFP
Discharge temperature -20~60℃
Charging temperature 0~55℃
Storage temperature -20~55℃
Certification standards
Safety certification certificate CE, FCC, CCC
Transport safety certification UN38.3, UN3480, Class 9

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