Mobile Energy Storage

Mobile Power Supply

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AC output Output Rated Power 3000W
Output Peak Power
Output waveform Pure sine wave
Frequency 50/60±3Hz
Output voltage (100~120/220~240)±5% VAC
Output plug Multimode (Japanese, American, European, Australian to choose)
Soft start
Waveform distortion THD<3%
Protection Low voltage protection, overvoltage protection, output overload protection, high temperature protection, short circuit protection, anti reverse connection protection.
DC Output USB-A 5V 2.4A  fast charging
DC Input
Charging port(5521) WS20     2 Holes charging hold main joint Adapter 10A
AC Input Charging port With UPS function, it can be configured with mains power priority and inverter priority.
LED light
Power 8w LED
AC inverter switch, LED light switch.
Display Screen type LED Inteligent color display.
Menu Battery level, battery voltage, output voltage, waveform, output frequency, AC output load scale, USB power up, DC power up, LED lighting, mains charging, solar charging, blue tooth.
Lithium Battery type 63AH Lithium iron phosphate cell
Battery capacity 16S1P 16 cells Rated capacity:51.2V/63AH
Voltage Range 40~58.4V
Minimum charging current 5A
Maximum continuous charging current 60A
Maximum continuous discharge current
Maximum pulse discharge current
200A (1S)
Cycle life 2000 times at 25 ℃ normal temperature

Cooling Intelligent fan

Working temperature 0~60 ℃

Srorage temperature -20~70 ℃

Humidity Max 90% no dewing

Useful life
8~10 Years


Weight 26kg

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